Group Leaders

discipleship happens in relationships

Community Group leaders are the frontline leaders and disciple-makers of Image Church.

A Community Group leader must be:
  • A disciple of Christ.
  • A member of Image Church.
  • Currently in an Image Community Group (for the previous six months).
  • They must be of sound moral character.
  • They need to be Biblically literate with a right view of God's Word and the ability to lead in discussions surrounding Scripture.
  • Approved by a Pastor.

Community Group leaders are responsible for fulfilling the purpose of Community Groups which is, to make disciples. This is accomplished through executing the four Community Group rhythms: Bible Study, Family Time, Discipleship Group, and Missional Hangouts.

Leaders are not responsible for executing each rhythm themselves. Rather, Community Group leaders are tasked with identifying and discipling members of the group to carry out each rhythm. A Community Group leader is responsible for making sure all the Community Group rhythms are occurring. However, the most essential rhythm is Bible Study. Aided by a Bible Study guide, leaders must be proficient in leading discussion and keeping the group on target with the text and the discussion surrounding it.

It is best to allow other members of the group to lead rhythms both when you are away from the group, and while you are there. If you only allow others to lead while you are gone, then you are not raising up new leaders; you are recruiting substitute teachers. By being present when they lead, you are affirming their role in the group, reinforcing humility in your heart, and ensuring that you can give feedback to help them develop in the future.

As a Community Group leader, you are committing to following the Community Group rhythms and raising up new leaders to plant new groups. Multiplication is the natural overflow of making disciples. It is essential that each Community Group leader leads with the intentionality of planting.

Community Group leaders model submission to the pastors of the church through working closely with their Community Group coach. Community Group coaches seek to disciple and care for every Community Group leader as the leaders disciple and care for their group. In addition, Community Group leaders are expected to be present in leader development meetings.