discipleship happens in relationships
We share a meal together and have a structured discussion time
  • This creates a space to practice hospitality and invites others in.
  • It allows us to be a family and grow in our relationships with one another.
  • This allows us to engage in Biblical discussion together.
(Every-other week)
  • This happens in gender-specific groups where we break up into guys and girls for safer space and smaller groups.
  • This is a structured study through God’s Word that’s designed to foster, a better understanding of who God is, experience greater depth in the Word, prayer, accountability, and training for the mission.

How the Rhythms Look Each Month

Example Community Group Monthly Calendar

Week 1Meal Together
Week 2D-Group
Week 3Meal Together
Week 4D-Group

Example Community Group Monthly Calendar

Week 1
Wed. - Meal Together

Week 2
Wed. - D-Group

Week 3
Wed. - Meal Together

Week 4
Wed. - D-Group

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