discipleship happens in relationships

Community Groups exist to make disciples through Bible study, community, and mission.

Church isn’t an event, it’s a group of people living in life-on-life relationships together. Our hope is that Image Church would be a community of friends engaged in gospel-centered relationships. That means that the weekday is just as important as the weekend. We want to be a church that lives in authentic relationships together as we learn more about what it means to pursue a relationship with Jesus.

Community Groups are the primary vehicle where disciples are made at Image Church. In addition to weekend gatherings, engaging in groups is the most important next step for every members and guest. These groups meet in homes around Atlanta, and are location based so that you can be in community where you live. Our Community Groups operate through four rhythms: Bible Study, Family Time, Discipleship Group, and Missional Hangouts.

Why do we need rhythms?

Rhythms help give us a framework for Biblical community. We recognize that the Bible shows us that growing as a disciple is a group project. These rhythms help us pursue holistic discipleship together with intentionality and accountability through Bible study, community, and mission.

Community Group Rhythms

Prayer and Bible Study
(Every-other week)

This time is focused on studying Scripture together and orienting all of your lives around the Word of God.

(Every-other week)

Designated time for confessing sin, seeking accountability, and applying the gospel to our hearts through reminding one another of God’s Word. These weeks we break into gender-specific groups.

Family Time
(Organic, but intentional)

Engaging in normal life activities together, this is not adding something to your month, it’s intersecting what you already do with people from your Community Group (i.e: eating, shopping, watching shows/games, working out).

Missional Hangout
(Once a month)

This is an opportunity to invite non-Christian friends to witness gospel community through a fun and social “neutral space.” This creates an environment for small groups to live on mission together and pursue the people God has put into your lives.

What does this look like each week?

Example Community Group Monthly Calendar

Week 1Bible Study
Week 2D-Group
Week 3Family TimeBible Study
Week 4D-GroupMissional Hangout

Example Community Group Monthly Calendar

Week 1
Wed. - Bible Study

Week 2
Wed. - D-Group

Week 3
Sun. - Family Time
Wed. - Bible Study

Week 4
Wed. - D-Group
Fri. - Missional Hangout

These rhythms are designed to foster “Family Time” (Community) outside of the specific gathering days. Don’t add things to your schedule, add people to your things. How can you intersect what you already do with people in your Community Group?

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