Love Your Neighbor

Halloween Hangout

This summer we launched the Love Your Neighbor movement. It was a time of intentional focus on getting to know our neighbors, building relationships, and discovering our communities. We asked God to teach us to see our neighbors and give us open doors to love them as He does.

The fall season usually has a lot of opportunities to be part of your communities and love your neighbors well. Fall sports, pumpkin patches and apple orchards, cooler weather to be outside with people, holidays. COVID has changed a lot, but we can still find ways to be in our communities and love our neighbors.

Halloween is a holiday that people typically spend with their neighbors and in their communities. While traditional Halloween activities like trick-or-treating, trunk or treats, and costume parades and parties may not look normal, we want to be ready to love our neighbors by being present in our communities while people are likely going to be out and about.

We are challenging each community group to host Halloween Hangouts on Halloween weekend. These parties can be held in your driveway, your garage, your front or backyard or outdoor space, in a community space in your neighborhood, or anywhere that makes sense.

There are a lot of options for your Halloween Hangout. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Hang out with a fire pit and make s'mores, or bring a grill out and have a cookout.
  • Have a bring-your-own-snacks movie night! Put up a sheet or use your garage door to show a movie and invite your neighbors to join.
  • Pumpkin carving or painting
  • Costume “Parade” for the kids (if you have kids, you can have them dress up while hanging out during one of the other activities)
  • Hand out baked goods to people who pass by (another option: hand out baked goods ahead of time, as an invitation to your driveway party).

The parties can be held either Friday, 10/30 or Saturday, 10/31. Friday night parties will more likely be parties you invite people to ahead of time, while Saturday night parties have more potential for meeting people while they are out with their friends and families during Halloween. This is also a great time to engage multiple neighborhoods. If you have 3 different communities represented in your community group, split up! Pair off and do something in each place. Holding our parties outdoors allows us to socially distance and still take part in the natural rhythms of our neighborhoods.

The goal of the driveway parties is to be present in and part of our communities. Being present in our communities during moments like these allow us to take advantage of natural times of intersection. We are able to meet new people, build upon relationships we already have, and love others because Christ loves us.

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