The Legacy Initiative

a one-year discipleship journey

OnMission ATL

the love your neighbor movement

The Love Your Neighbor Movement is not a one-time “event.” This summer will serve as one of two things: a continuation and deepening of how you are already loving your neighbors, or a starting point.

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Commitment Sunday

One Year Goals
Goal 1:

That we would fully commit our lives to knowing Jesus and making Him known.

Goal 2:

That we would generously invest in the legacy that God’s called us to.

My Legacy Initiative Faith Commitment

We ask that you pray and seek what God is leading you to commit during this one-year discipleship journey. Start by preparing your hearts to hear Him; then, listen to what He says! Talk with your spouse, your family, or others about what this commitment will mean for you; how it will bring you closer to The Lord. Whether you've been coming for a while, or you’re new to Image Church, it is never too late to take this step of faith. We are asking you to make a sacrificial commitment to gospel-centered generosity - whatever God leads you to do, do it by clicking the commitment form button below.

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