Leverage your life for the Kingdom of God


Image College exists to reach, equip, and mobilize disciples who Love God, Love Each Other, and Live on mission and we challenge all of our college students to prayerfully consider how they will spend their first 2 years after college. We want to challenge you to leverage your life for the kingdom of God, starting with your first 2 years after graduation.

The Vision and Purpose of IC Staff Residency

  1. To create an all-intensive training ground to grow young leaders in leadership influence and skill and then to send them out more equipped and ready to impact their sphere of influence in the marketplace/workforce or vocational ministry with the good news of Jesus.
  2. To help Image Church reach the 30,000+ college students at KSU (and to see Image College at more colleges and universities) and mobilize them to be missionaries in whatever strategic context God leads them, whether that be local, national, or international.
  3. To mobilize college students to be an integral part of reaching all nations.

The How of IC Staff Residency

This residency program is a two-year, intensive program for college graduates, young professionals, or seminary students/or graduates where residents are trained and equipped in ministry and leadership through team development, practical theology/leadership classes and experiences, and local church function by being on staff at Image.

Each IC Staff Resident serves at KSU (for now), and their mission is to help lead college students towards Christ and his church, as well as be a part of making disciples who make disciples of all nations. Each resident will lead Image mission trips with college students to engage with church planters/partners around the globe each summer.

GO2: College Staff Image Church Ministry Apprentice

“Do what you do well, for the the glory of God, and do it somewhere strategic for the mission of God” —JD Greear

We believe the call of the Christian life is to leverage our lives for the sake of the gospel and that God has given each of us gifts and abilities to be leveraged for his kingdom. At Image Church, we believe that the church is God’s plan A for reaching the world. Consider joining a church planting team post-graduation and leverage your degree in a new city as a part of a church plant in North America.

Go2: Church Planting

"Instead of saying we will go if God asks us to go, we decided we will go until God asks us to stay." —Rich and Julia Rudolph

We believe the call of the Christian life is to go and make disciples of all nations. (Matthew 28:19-20) As believers we live with our Yes on the table and we allow God to put it on the map. Will you consider the call to go and make disciples of all nations by committing 2 years post-graduation to international missions?

GO2: International