Worship at Home

As a reminder, there will be no services December 31.

Enjoy worshipping this weekend at home with some of these resources.

As a Family

We’ve anticipated and celebrated the birth of Jesus over the past few weeks. Now what? We keep celebrating and remembering his love towards us!  We should never forget that our God has done great things for us, and will continue to do great things for us. The reason? Because He’s a good God and He’s worthy of all our praise.


Psalm 66: 1-5

Memory Verse: Come and see what God has done, how awesome his work on man’s behalf! —Psalm 66:5


What are the words that this passage tells the people to do? (e.g.: Come and see, shout, etc.)

Parents: Talk very specifically about a few things that you have seen God do recently that deserves great praise.

Ask your kids: What things have you seen God do that we can praise him for?


One of the greatest ways to remember the goodness of God is to reflect on what He has done for you and your family. Take a few minutes and pray together thanking God for the things you have seen God do as you discussed just a moment ago.

(Tip: To promote a culture of having family members pray for one another, have everyone pray for the the person on their right.)


Pick a song that your family can sing and do exactly what the passage encouraged us to do: Sing! Shout! Praise!